The roots of Quiksilver can be found in the surf and youth culture. It was founded in 1969 and developed from a small boardshort company into a multinational clothing concern. But they did never loose their focus or forget their roots. At the same time they managed to bring independence, creativity and innovation to the global community.

Individual expression, an adventurous spirit, authenticity and passion are all part of the youthful mentality and define the essence of Quiksilver. When you combine this with the pure beauty of the mountains and the sea, you get a connection that exceeds all boundaries and continents. Add more than 40 years of quality, innovation and style and you get the perfect Quiksilver mix.

Quiksilver belongs to summer like sand belongs to the beach, but it also feels at home on the mountains or in the streets.


For years, Quiksilver and Roxy have been involved in charitable projects. The Quiksilver Foundation combines all those projects and has been active since 2004. The non-profit organisation supports communities with projects that contribute to improving the environment, education, health and reducing child labour. A better world – that’s the goal of the Quiksilver Foundation.

Their goal is to positively influence the world, to reduce waste, to protect resources and to minimise the environmental footprint. Therefore, innovative concepts and ideas are needed which not only are set out to work more efficiently, but to be more environmentally friendly and socially responsible.