Anne Klein passed away in 1974 from breast cancer. Since then much has been done to understand breast cancer but the fight is still far from over and this is why TLKE commit to donate a percentage of profits to the Breakthrough charity.

This year a dear friend and award-winning designer, Ruth Willmott also lost her sister-in-law Angela Willmott to breast cancer and in her memory designed her garden this year at Chelsea for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The design was based on a double (DNA) helix shape: a stone pathway crossed by a ribbon of soft pink planting. Water pools in the garden ripple every 10 minutes to represent a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer. The sculpture (by Rick Kirby) symbolises the courage, dignity and humanity of all those fighting breast cancer.

Ruth was awarded the Best Fresh Garden (People’s Choice) and a Silver Gilt at the Chelsea Flower Show 2015 as well as raising funds for Breakthrough